Saturday, 9 October 2010

A very cool website:

I want to talk about a really cool website that is on our list of recommended Rocky sites. It's called and it's the official UK fan club for Rocky Horror fans, and has been since 1988. It's a really great website which you can enjoy whether you're a member or not - lifetime membership costs £2 and is totally worth it, by the way.

Anyway, the website is THE place for all UK dwelling Rocky fans. It is the best place for news, upcoming tour dates, et cetera. They also have lots of fun games, and the monthly Time Warp competition! We're writing this now because ScofieldBurrows was very excited to tell me that she won competition no.160 (September's competition), and her name will now forever be on the website's Hall of Fame, which is very cool, as well as the prize, which she very kindly sent us a picture of. To enter the competition, you only have to answer 5 Rocky related questions - about upcoming tour dates, other films the actors have been in, lines from the movie - anything and everything (and if you don't know, Google it!). The winner every month wins an exclusive website winner badge, but they almost always send a little bonus prize or two as well! Some bonus prizes have included t-shirts, dvd's, etc, (and sometimes really rare stuff) and this coming month it's a copy of the film 'Clue' which stars the wonderful Tim Curry. But more often than not, they'll send some random Time Warp/ Rocky Horror goodies which is what Scofield got and which she could not have been happier about!

I think you can click on the photo to enlarge it, but as you can see she won a selection of Rocky Horror flyers and things dating back as far as 1999. The bundle included postcards from the '99 Transylvanian convention, various flyers from shows, and even some extremely cool Rocky Horror CHRISTMAS CARDS (!!!) which I am severely jealous of! To some people, this stuff may seem worthless, but to Rocky collectors like us - Scofield's started making a Rocky scrapbook, she says, with all this cool stuff, and her own photos and ticket stubs (she calls it The Denton Affair!) - it is priceless. I'm very jealous right now - I've never won!

I would highly recommend this website because it is just brilliant. And you should totally enter the competition too - it's for both members and non-members, and even if you win you can enter again!